Integ Security burglar alarms are equipped with some patented and key features:

The need for a Security Alarm System goes far beyond basic protection of your property. The modern day burglar alarm is a fully developed Security Alarm System that is capable of protecting your family, your privacy, and even your way of life.
  • Interactive Security – real time alerts can be sent to your mobile device or computer using the rules you define for your family’s lifestyle and allowing you to react depending on the situation.
  • Crash and Smash – this patented feature by ensures that your Security Alarm System works even if an intruder crashes through door and smashes the security panel in an attempt to destroy it and make a clean getaway. No system at any price is more secure than one with Crash and Smash!
  • Lighting, Thermostats, and Lock Automation – through a combination of sensors and the best of technology, you can now control many aspects of your house from your mobile device such as turn lights on or off, reset the thermostat for temperature changes, and even automatically lock doors.

Your security alarm system must do much more than a standard burglar alarm can do – it must ensure true peace of mind!



We can have one of our professional alarm installers come out to your location within a matter of hours or days to set up a new Integ Security Alarm System. At Integ, our scheduling is flexible. We will do everything possible to work around your timetable, and ensure that your installation will be the most comfortable and professional service experience you have ever had. We strive to ensure every client has the best experience possible. Integ Security - the company with integrity for the work we do and the people we help.

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